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SRK Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Your child’s first day at camp!
  • On the first day of camp you will need to come inside to finalize your paperwork and have a chance to see our facility, meet our great staff, as well as other parents and children.
  • Please park in the parking lot and come inside our library door (the first glass door on the left of the main double doors as you approach the clubhouse building).
  • We will review your paperwork and any balance due at this time should be paid. Your child will receive his/her camp t-shirt and you will complete a field trip form for the week's trip.
  • Your child will be introduced to his/her counselor.
  • Circle time for the children is at 9:00 AM every day, at circle time we will go over the rules, the day’s activities, the coming field trip for the week, and introduce new students etc. When circle time is complete, the children will be dismissed to their assigned counselors.
Daily drop off and pick up?
  • If facing the Heritage Harbor Country Club, we are on the 2nd door to the left of the main double door entrance.
  • Pull into the circle drive of the Heritage Harbor Country Clubhouse, we will try to greet you as you pull up and your child walks through our door.
  • When you pick up, you will again pull into the circle drive and we will greet you and send your child out to you, we will then sign them out for the day. If you are sending someone other than who dropped them off they must be listed on your paper work and have a valid photo ID.
What will my child do in a typical day?
  • If dropped off before 9:00 AM child will have free play with other early students.
  • Circle time (morning greetings, rules and daily activities outlined) at 9:00 AM.
  • 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM swimming and outdoor activities such as soccer etc.
  • 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM Outdoor play and lunches.
  • 1:30 PM – Arts & crafts and additional outdoor activities.
  • Every Friday is Skit Day; each group works on a group play to perform for the campers.
What does my child need to bring to camp?
  • One small bag (a small bag is all that is needed – book, backpack, or beach type bag, preferably one that zips or snaps shut) and one small, lightweight towel, plus a bottle of sunscreen. Please write your child's name on their belongings!
  • Snacks if your child likes a snack during the day.
  • A SPF swim shirt is advisable for pool time.
Electronic games and cell phones?
  • Cell phones and electronic video games are allowed; however, they are not the responsibilities of SRK After-School & Summer Camp Programs or Heritage Harbor. If brought in, all games and attachments must have the child's name on it. There is NO texting allowed. No WIFI access is granted.
Camp payments?
  • We accept payments by credit cards, check, money order, or cash. All weeks signed up for must be paid for in full before the first day of camp (unless arrangements are made in advance with the Director) to lock in students enrollment. Space is limited and we do fill up quickly.
A must do..., please!
  • Your child will be outdoors for most of the day. PLEASE apply sun-block before you bring your child to camp. We will re-apply their sunscreen again in the afternoon.
  • Please send your child to camp wearing their swimsuit; they will have early morning swimming.
Age groups?
  • Children are typically grouped together by age, (5 & 6) (7, 8, & 9) (10, 11, & 12).
  • Children have swimming daily (weather permitting), and we will have counselors observing them at all times.
  • We are an activity based program. The children will spend most of their time outdoors activities and games. The children will run, play, etc. so ensure they have proper shoes to do so. If for any reason your child should not participate in an outdoor sport or game please give us written notice of any restrictions. Water coolers are kept throughout the grounds, indoors and out, children are given water breaks multiple times throughout the day, we encourage the children to drink as much water as possible since we are outside most of the day.
  • Children may bring their own snacks in their bag; they may eat them at any time during the day.
Field trips?
  • We will offer field trips each week. Price per trip will vary each week depending on the trip. If your child does not go on the field trip, we do offer regular all day camp for children not attending the field trip.
Behavior issues?
  • At SRK After-School & Summer Camp Programs we have a "NO TOUCH" Rule. Children are not allowed to touch others in any manner such as hitting, slapping etc. Any behavior issues are handled with a time out and or restrictions of privileges. Parents will be notified of any warranted issues.
Inclement weather?
  • Please be advised that SRK After-School & Summer Camp Programs is not responsible for any missed days due to inclement weather. Make up days or refunds are not offered.
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